Selecting Furniture for Gateway Church

In the case of Gateway Church, and so many other projects we work on, furniture is like the icing on the cake.  It has the power to enhance the "wow" factor or totally botch the attempt of the rest of the interior finishes.  Most of the furniture in Gateway will be located in the cafe, which is becoming the central focal point for connecting the old building with the new.  As the design has evolved, the desire came about to provide the opportunity to create an experience in this space.  The cafe will be utilized as a hub to educate those in the space about missions at Gateway, be a catalyst for impromptu gatherings and fellowship, and be a place of comfort and relaxation while enjoying a cup of coffee.  It became very clear that the design needed to incorporate a mix of private, soft seating, more individualized stools looking out the windows, and tables and chairs with the flexibility to be pulled together for larger groups to converse.  With a balance of modern, yet practical, furniture pieces with colorful and easy to clean fabrics, this furniture is exactly the finishing touch needed to complete the new environment.

Here are some examples of some of the concepts that we're currently considering.