Clients come to KHID for various reasons. Sometimes the need is to design a new build or renovation, but sometimes its just to give a kick start to mold an existing space into something better.

The owner of Snapology Discovery Center in Findlay needed just that. The existing space didn't work quite as well as the client knew it could. KHID came in to gather information on how the space was used, what the current problems were, and what the client desired for the space to be. With the lack of guest seating, storage, spacial designation, and sibling entertainment being the biggest concerns, we began to formulate a design that would make the existing wide open space into an environment conducive to creative Lego play. 

Storage was selected to double as room dividers to designate a waiting area for parents and little siblings. What was once "dead space" now became a waiting room and Duplo play area. A table in the back will serve as a computer creation station or will hold food and party supplies during birthday parties. Stylized images of Lego Heros adorning the walls and rearranging the large main table to fit best in the new space will help complete the new look.

Here is some inspiration we're utilizing for this project!