The Bourbon Affair

Ah, the 1930's.  Not really something we have extensive experience in, but why not?!  And a bourbon bar at that.

Honestly though, we love a challenge.  Something new, different.  We don't get stale that way.  There is a process, one might say a transformation, that must happen to be able to envision what it meant to go to a speakeasy back in 1930, something when you were finally free to drink socially, and drink the good stuff!  The black and white tile beneath your feet, the no-frills light fixtures that lit your way, the wood - oh the wood, on the walls and ornately crafted the bar, you can almost smell it, that is... if you can separate it from the cigar smoke.  Even though we're only half way through the design, there is one thing in which we are confident: this place will be amazing!  As patrons cross the threshold, they will be taken back to a time many of us have never known.  Another world perhaps.  And right here in Findlay?  We should be so lucky!

Here is some inspiration we're using for this project.